Directv ATT Ebay Card Scam

September 1, 2020 by No Comments

We have a serious fraud problem with Directv / ATT. We fell for one of the card scams. The problem is they were Directv/ATT employees who had access to our account and billing information and literally upgraded out services while on the phone.

We called the domestic and international fraud lines and were essentially accused of trying to fraud ATT with our story. We have the conversations recorded with the call center and with International Fraud.

We have had ZERO cooperation / options provided by ATT staff. We have been referred to online url’s that are not active and referred to the same phone numbers that laughed at us on the phone while describing our situation. We call the promotion phone number again and were offered a continuation of the fraudulent upgrades that were previously initiated and once again, we have it recorded…

As consumers of Directv/ATT products were are out $780.00 and our service has been upgraded to max channels and internet speed however, none of the promotions that were promised by Directv/ATT were performed.

This is an internal crime scheme in one or more international call centers. We have texts, voicemail and recorded conversations with Directv/ATT employees accessing our account and furthering the fraudulent activity.

Before I begin calling senators, congressman and State Attorney General I thought maybe someone at ATT might provide access to someone who can provide direction, resolution or the like.

Let me know if you can advise as to someone at ATT that can make a difference.

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