Directv ATT Ebay.Com Card Scam

August 20, 2020 by No Comments

DO NOT, I Repeat DO NOT purchase any
promotional cards for use at
It appears there are rogue elements within a foreign call center that are soliciting Directv promotions of Total Premier Package + sports channels for $65/mo prepaid for 6 months and then guaranteed rate for 3 years.
The rep then upgrades your Directv to all premium channels with you right on the phone. So it is obviously someone who has access to the Directv account. They even upgrade your internet. Then you need to provide a loaded card prepaid for 6 months to guarantee the promotion and you will receive a $100 ATT Visa card and will not owe any further payments for 6 months. Then you see no difference in your billing and find that yes they did upgrade you but there is no 6 month promotion on an
/ ATT card. So you basically pay a conspiring rogue element within ATT / Directv’s offshore call center.
When you call the international fraud department they maintain that you made the call and that they are not responsible.and essentially you become the accused with the ATT fraud department.
It just gets worse from there…. There is definitely a coordinated effort with DIRECTV so BE CAREFUL!!!
Don’t bite on this one 😁

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