‘Natural’ Retirement Communities: An Idea That Works

February 16, 2020 by No Comments

Some retirement communities are planned, others just take place. The latter are sometimes referred to by using urban planners as NORCs – "certainly happening retirement communities." They’ve emerged as an appealing manner for seniors to age efficaciously in their houses by tapping into community aid offerings and volunteer packages.

It is anticipated that there are heaps of those evidently happening retirement groups across the United States, and that approximately 27 percentage of our senior citizens stay in them. So what are NORCs?


These are groups or neighborhoods in which residents have lived and aged collectively lengthy enough for a evidently happening retirement network to adapt. Residents have both elderly in location by dwelling in their homes for numerous a long time, or older adults have migrated into the equal network in which they intend to spend the rest of their lives.

NORC is a demographic term used to explain a community no longer firstly designed for seniors, however one that has grown certainly to have forty to sixty five% of its residents over age 60. These groups have been originally built for teenagers and had been by no means meant to satisfy the precise fitness and social carrier desires of seniors.

The term NORC turned into first coined within the 1980’s by using Michael Hunt, a professor of urban planning. NORCs have been in the beginning recognized in city settings, however at the moment are observed in all geographic locations. They are normally small through layout and span a few square miles with a base of a thousand to 3000 human beings. They may be as small as a metropolis apartment building or as massive as a suburban community with unmarried circle of relatives homes.

NORCs can be categorised into three kinds:

  • Classic NORC: This is a unmarried age-integrated condominium building, a housing complicated with a couple of homes underneath not unusual control or some of condominium buildings clustered together.
  • Neighborhood-Based NORC: This is an age-incorporated community of 1- and -family homes.
  • Rural NORC: This is a massive geographic region with a low populace density, usually produced from one-and two-family homes.


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