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Holy BatCakes PanMan, A Clinton can lead the GOP in Georgia……

To imagine this being accurate or even possible in the current political climate tests the barometer of reasonable explanations and now we can validate that fact is sometimes stranger than fiction.

According to KEVIN ROBILLARD of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is leading the GOP, yes…. I said leading the GOP, approval polls among 2016 Presidential candidates.


Mr. ROBILLARD writes “Democratic pollster Public Policy Polling has found former Secretary of State¬†Hillary Clinton leading top GOP 2016 contenders in red states from Alaska to Texas, from Kentucky to Louisiana. You can now add Georgia to that list.

Clinton, with high name recognition and coming off four years in an unelected post, leads Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, 49 percent to 46 percent, in the Peach State, according to a poll released Wednesday. She leads Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan 50 percent to 45 percent. And Newt Gingrich trails the wife of the president he once harangued, 51 percent to 44 percent.”

Well if a “Bush” can pull it off after the major humiliation bestowed on the American public then maybe Hillary can restore integrity and decency to the Oval office regardless of the actions of Slick Willy and his Oval Office and orally empowered White House Staff.

You can bet we will have more to come, I mean discuss, I mean… never mind – it was spelled correctly, regarding this unbelievable release of public opinion.

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